Tailbone Pain in Brunswick & St. Marys, GA & All Our Locations

Are you dealing with tailbone pain due to an injury, degenerative disc disorder, or joint degeneration? The Spine Center of Southeast Georgia offers effective treatment options to relieve tailbone pain in Brunswick and Kingsland, GA.

What is Tailbone Pain?

Following an injury to the tailbone area, pain in the coccyx region (the lowest part of the spine) may occur suddenly, or it may alternatively appear with no apparent cause over time.

This pain can start in the tailbone but then radiate to the hips, thighs, or even the anus. It can cause exercise to become painful, sitting to be difficult, and it can be known to disrupt sleep. There are, however, many treatments which can help alleviate the pain.

What Causes Tailbone Pain?

There is a wide spectrum of issues that can be responsible for tailbone pain, ranging from minor to serious. Most of the time, the pain will go away on its own, especially with exercises which can be done at home. If the pain is minor and there is no known obvious cause, it’s safe to wait a few weeks before seeking any medical care in Brunswick.

The following are the most common causes of tailbone pain:

  • Trauma: This may occur to the tailbone itself or the tailbone’s surrounding muscles. A fall from a bicycle, for example, may cause injury to the tailbone, whereas running into a wall may cause pain that could radiate to the tailbone from other muscles.
  • Sitting down: Sitting down for overly long periods of time or in awkward positions may cause tailbone pain.
  • Trauma during childbirth: When delivering a baby, the tailbone can be injured, or potentially even broken.
  • Degeneration: The degeneration of joints or nerves around the tailbone area can cause significant tailbone pain.
  • Compression: During pregnancy, pressure may cause the nerves to become compressed.
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction: This may be a complication of childbirth.
  • Levator syndrome: Levator syndrome is a condition that causes the muscles of the anus to spasm. This can cause radiating pain to the tailbone and hips.
  • Spinal issues: Spinal surgery or conditions such as degenerative disc disease may cause tailbone pain.
  • Infections, bone spurs, growths and tumors: These issues are rare but may cause pain in the tailbone.

What Does Tailbone Pain Feel Like?

One or more of the following symptoms may be seen in patients suffering with tailbone pain:

  • Tenderness and severe, localized pain felt in the tailbone region
  • Should the injury have been traumatic, bruising may be visible in the area
  • Bowel movements may be straining, and even at times painful
  • Sexual intercourse may become painful for women
  • Pain can be exacerbated by extended periods of sitting, or when direct pressure is placed upon the tailbone area.

How is Tailbone Pain Treated in Brunswick, GA?

The Spine Center of Southeast Georgia offers effective and minimally invasive treatment options to relieve tailbone pain. Potential treatment options include:

  • Sacroiliac Joint Injections
    • This injection treatment targets the sacroiliac joint that can be responsible for pain in the buttock, lower back, and tailbone. This treatment can offer significant pain relief.
  • Nerve Blocks
    • A nerve block combines a local anesthetic and steroids or other medications to stop painful nerves from sending signals to the brain. Nerve blocks can specifically target the nerves responsible for your pain.

Are you dealing with tailbone pain that is damaging your quality of life? Contact the Spine Center of Southeast Georgia today to schedule your consultation. We proudly serve men and women in Brunswick and Kingsland, Georgia.