Sedation Options

Here at our surgery center, the Brunswick Pain Treatment Center, we offer state-of-the-art services and now, a wide range of sedation options. In addition to our oral medication options, we now offer IV (Intravenous) Sedation, provided by a Board-Certified Nurse Anesthetist that comes to our center.

We selected a subsidiary of Sweet Dreams Nurse Anesthesia, a leading anesthesia service provider, to work jointly with our physicians to offer the best anesthesia care according to patients’ specific needs.

Sweet Dreams’ subsidiary, Tranquil, is a contracted service company providing elective sedation services for your comfort and convenience. Sedation is payable by many insurance companies when having an elective pain procedure. Check with your carrier to verify your benefits.

Ask your provider about sedation options for your scheduled pain procedure.

To learn more about Sweet Dreams Nurse Anesthesia’s subsidiary Tranquil, contact their billing company at 1-888-764-0092. You may also contact their Administrative Office at: 1-888-728-0882 extension 111 or 1-888-728-0882 extension 1. Should you have any additional questions, please visit their website at:

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