Patient Info

Preparing for your visit and treatment can make your appointment process easier and faster. At the Spine Center of Southeast Georgia, we want you to have all of the information you need to prepare for your tailored treatment plan. We welcome patients in Kingsland and Brunswick, GA.

What is Patient Info?

Access to the information you need can help you prepare for your upcoming appointment, ease any anxiety you may be experiencing, and set you up for a successful treatment. The Spine Center of Southeast Georgia offers several resources to help you start your treatment without the stress and worry. Our resources can help you avoid issues related to payments, insurance, and other complications that can increase the time it takes for you to receive the treatment you need.

What Patient Info Resources Do You Offer?

The Spine Center of Southeast Georgia offers the following resources to help you prepare for your appointment.

  • Prepare for Your Visit
    • Get answers to your questions ahead of your procedure. Our Patient FAQs cover common questions related to the services we offer, the types of pain we can treat, what you can expect during your first visit, and insurance and payment options we offer.
  • Patient Forms
    • As a new or returning patient, there are forms you will need to complete to receive care. We make it easy to download and complete these forms at home to reduce your wait time at our clinic. These downloadable forms include the New Patient packet and the Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information form.
    • At the Spine Center of Southeast Georgia, we want your care to be as affordable as possible. We accept many forms of insurance and submit claims on your behalf. Note that most insurance companies will not cover 100% of the treatment cost. For your share of your treatment, we accept payment options including credit and debit cards, cash, check, and money order. A down payment may be necessary if you do not have insurance and plan to pay for your treatment yourself.
  • Patient Portal
    • We encourage all patients to complete the easy account registration process to access our patient portal. Through the portal, you can access download forms, transfer your medical information, get access to your patient care summaries, sign up for alerts and appointment reminders, and view or update your medical history. You can even request new appointments, submit payments, and view lab results easily through your portal.

Whether you are a new or returning patient, we encourage you to make use of our patient resources to improve your pain treatment process and avoid complications with billing, insurance coverage, and wait times. If you have any questions or you are ready to schedule an appointment, contact the pain clinic doctors at the Spine Center of Southeast Georgia today. We welcome men and women in Brunswick and Kingsland, GA.