Pain Awareness Month was created to increase awareness about the effect of pain and to educate citizens about the advanced treatment options available to help alleviate pain.


September is Pain Awareness Month.

This busy month is marked by a variety of different initiatives and activities, all with the goal of promoting education, advocacy and awareness about chronic pain in order to break down the barriers to effective pain management.


Undertreated chronic pain significantly impairs quality of life, and can be severely physically, psychologically, and socially debilitating.

  • Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.
  • Workers lose an average of 4.6 hours per week of productive time due to a pain condition.
  • An estimated 20 percent of American adults’ report that pain or discomfort disrupts their sleep a few nights a week or more.
  • 80 percent of people in the United States will experience back pain at some point in their lives.
  • Besides the common cold, back pain is the number one reason people visit their family doctors.


The adoption of pain as the “fifth vital sign” in 2001 has helped increase the legitimacy of pain as not just a symptom but a serious detriment to quality of life, requiring proper medical attention. It also helped further the notion that every person has a right to timely and effective pain management.

Pain does NOT mean pills — There are many interventional pain management options available.

A major aim of Pain Awareness Month is to foster partnerships among individuals and organizations, with a common goal of effecting positive change in the state of pain management. By promoting education, awareness and advocacy, the goal is to recognize and address these barriers to pain management.

In recognition of Pain Awareness Month, there are a variety of different ways that health care professionals and institutions can promote pain education and awareness – among patients, other providers, and the general public.

Education and awareness are two prominent themes of Pain Awareness Month, and they both undeniably represent a key component of improving the state of pain management. Pain Awareness Month serves not simply as a month for clinicians to improve their skills in pain management, but as a powerful means to convey the compelling message that millions of people continue to suffer from something that deserves proper management. It is an opportunity for those who suffer from an “invisible” illness to finally have their voices heard and incite much-needed change.

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