Ganglion Impar Block in Brunswick & St. Marys, GA & All Our Locations

Are you dealing with chronic or extreme pelvic or rectal pain? Whether your condition is a result of some type of nerve damage or you have suffered a fall on your tailbone, the pain clinic doctors at the Spine Center of Southeast Georgia can help with ganglion impar blocks in Brunswick and Kingsland, Georgia.

What Are Ganglion Impar Blocks?

A ganglion impar block is a minimally invasive procedure for patients suffering from chronic rectal or pelvic pain. The procedure blocks nerve impulses and prevents them from carrying pain signals to the brain.

The procedure is performed on a region known as the ganglion impar. This collection of nerves is also sometimes known as the sacroccygeal ganglion, or the ganglion of Walther. It makes up a portion of the sympathetic nervous system at the sacrococcygeal junction.

What Do Ganglion Impar Blocks Treat?

The ganglion impar block procedure can help to treat many conditions. It’s primarily used to provide pain relief from nerve pain in the coccyx region. The most common reason patients seek a ganglion impar block is after a fall directly on the tailbone. In this case, a ganglion impar block can offer relief that may not come from using a donut cushion and anti-inflammatory medication.

Ganglion impar blocks can also greatly help patients suffering from pelvic pain that comes from the:

  • Anal region
  • Distal rectum
  • Distal urethra
  • Distal vagina
  • Vulva
  • Scrotum

How is the Ganglion Impar Block Treatment Performed in Brunswick, GA?

The ganglion impar block procedure begins with the application of a local anesthetic as you are lying on a special x-ray table. Once the area is numb, your physician will insert a very thin needle into the ganglion impar with the use of a fluoroscope, a real-time x-ray machine that allows for excellent precision.

This part of the procedure will not be painful. Your physician will deliver the local anesthetic and steroid medication directly to ganglion impar to stop nerve impulses.

After the procedure, you will stay in recovery for about 30 minutes before you can leave. You will need someone to drive you home, but you will be able to resume most activities right away.

How Long Do Ganglion Impar Blocks Last?

Almost all patients will experience at least some level of pain relief, and some may experience a full relief from their chronic pain. The results of the pain relief differ from person to person. While some patients may see relief for weeks, others may see relief for months or even years to come.

Ganglion impar blocks in Kingsland and Brunswick, GA can offer significant pain relief from chronic pain. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for a ganglion impar block and how it can help with your pain.