Coccydynia Treatment
What You Need to Know for Tailbone Inflammation

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Have you ever been sitting down and felt pain in your tailbone region? Maybe it was a sharp pain, or just a dull, throbbing pain that made it difficult or painful to sit.

Either way, it could be a sign that you have coccydynia, more commonly referred to as inflammation of the tailbone.

What Exactly is Coccydynia?

Coccydynia is inflammation of the tailbone, commonly caused by some form of injury or trauma. Typically, individuals who experience tailbone inflammation complain of an ache in the tailbone region that just doesn’t seem to go away.

Symptoms and Signs

If any of the following signs or symptoms sound familiar, you may be suffering from tailbone inflammation:

  • difficulty or pain sitting
  • tenderness in the tailbone region
  • pain in the buttocks region

And more. The symptoms of coccydynia are fairly straightforward, and if you are experiencing any of them you should call one of our offices to schedule your appointment today.

What Causes Coccydynia?

Tailbone inflammation typically occurs from one of the following:

  • sports-related injuries
  • sitting for prolonged periods of time

In some cases, the cause of tailbone inflammation is seemingly unknown, but other conditions such as sciatica, shingles, fractured bone, and more have similar symptoms as coccydynia, so it is important to visit our pain management clinic near you (in Brunswick, GA and St. Marys, GA) to confirm your diagnosis and to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

What are the treatment options for tailbone inflammation?

Here are a few recommendations for treating coccydynia:

  • Avoid prolonged standing, and use a comfortable cushion when sitting.
  • Avoid re-injury by taking it easy for a few days.
  • When taking over-the-counter pain medications, use sparingly and in accordance with the directions to get relief.
  • We may recommend physical therapy for patients with chronic or severe coccydynia.
  • Local injections such as a ganglion impar injection may also be used to provide pain relief and treatment.

When Should You Seek Medical Treatment for Your Tailbone Inflammation?

With mild cases of tailbone inflammation, pain may go away by itself with a little rest and relaxation. However, for more severe cases, medical treatment from an experienced pain management clinic may be necessary.

If you are experiencing episodes or acute pain, or if your pain has become chronic, call us to schedule an appointment with pain management doctors at one of our locations nearest you.

Don’t Wait: Get treatment for your Coccydynia today

Pain can be debilitating, especially if the simple act of sitting down causes intense pain. You don’t have to live in pain; we can help! Visit us today at our location nearest you!

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