Celiac Plexus Block in Brunswick & St. Marys, GA & All Our Locations

Are you struggling with chronic or severe abdominal pain from cancer or chronic pancreatitis? The Spine Center of Southeast Georgia can help with celiac plexus nerve blocks in Brunswick and Kingsland, GA.

What is a Celiac Plexus Block?

A celiac plexus block is a nerve block that targets the celiac or solar plexus, a group of abdominal nerves that surround the aorta. These nerves are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain from the bowels, spleen, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder.

What Does a Celiac Plexus Block Procedure Treat?

The celiac plexus nerve block is used to treat pain in the abdomen, especially conditions like abdominal cancers or chronic pancreatitis. This nerve block may be used to relieve pain from chronic inflammation of the organs served by the celiac plexus or control pain due to cancer spreading to upper abdominal organs.

Celiac plexus nerve blocks can also be used as a diagnostic tool when only local anesthetic is used. If the nerve block can relieve most of your pain, a longer-lasting medication will be used.

How is a Celiac Plexus Block Procedure Performed in Brunswick?

The celiac plexus block technique is performed by injecting a combination of local anesthetic and alcohol or steroid medication directly into the celiac plexus nerves of the upper abdomen. For the procedure, you will lie on your stomach on an x-ray table and your back will be numbed with local anesthetic. Your physician will use a fluoroscope or real-time x-ray to carefully guide a needle into your back close to your spine to reach the celiac plexus behind the diaphragm. This injection will be repeated on the other side of your spine to target the area between your spine and aorta.

The pain relief from the celiac plexus block is generally immediate but you may have some additional discomfort for the first first days if alcohol is used. If the procedure is effective for you, you may experience pain relief for many weeks or months or up to two years.

You do not need to suffer with the pain of abdominal cancer or chronic pancreatitis. The Spine Center of Southeast Georgia proudly serves men and women with effective treatment options for abdominal pain, like the celiac plexus block in Brunswick and Kingsland, GA. Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment and learn more about how we can help you find lasting pain relief.