Adhesiolysis in Brunswick & St. Marys, GA & All Our Locations

If you have been left with pain from a failed back surgery, degenerative disc disease, or scar tissue in the spine, you may benefit from the adhesiolysis procedure at the Spine Center of Southeast Georgia. We offer this procedure to men and women in Kingsland and Brunswick, GA to break up scar tissue that’s responsible for chronic pain.

What is Adhesiolysis?

Adhesiolysis is a minimally invasive procedure that treats pain from scar tissue. Sometimes called epidural adhesiolysis or the Racz procedure, the surgery works to break up scar tissue binding two parts of tissue together in an adhesion. The procedure was designed to divide or remove adhesions in the lumbar area of the spine. These adhesions can cause pain when they restrict movement, cause an obstruction, or put pressure on a nerve.

Adhesiolysis can treat scar tissue resulting from an infection, trauma to the spine, and previous surgery. Many patients who undergo adhesiolysis have scar tissue from previous back surgery that causes pain radiating to the buttocks and legs.

How is Adhesiolysis Performed in Brunswick?

The adhesiolysis back pain procedure is performed under mild sedation and with the use of an x-ray. Contrast dye will be injected into the treatment area to clearly visualize the adhesion. When scar tissue causes pain, a catheter will be placed to inject medications that destroy the scar tissue to reduce pain and inflammation. These medications can include saline and hyaluronidase to break up adhesions and local anesthetics or steroids to inhibit inflammation and pain.

In some cases, a balloon will be inserted to create enough room around a compressed nerve. Pulsed radiofrequency can also be used to stimulate nerve regeneration.

While epidural steroid injections are often used first to treat nerve pain caused by inflammation, adhesiolysis can provide longer-lasting and more significant pain relief when scar tissue is the cause. Steroid injections can reduce inflammation but they will not address scar tissue.

Who is a Good Candidate for Adhesiolysis?

You may be a good candidate for adhesiolysis if your pain is the result of scar tissue or you suffer from a condition such as:

  • Leg pain
  • Lumbar or cervical pain
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Lumbar disc herniation
  • Lumbar degenerative disc disease
  • Failed back surgery or spinal surgery syndrome

Adhesiolysis may be recommended if an MRI indicates scar tissue is affecting a nerve and you do not respond to epidural steroid injections, which are considered a first line of defense.

What Are the Results of Adhesiolysis?

After an adhesiolysis procedure in Brunswick, you will be in the recovery area for about an hour. You may have temporary weakness or numbness in the legs for the first day and may need help with walking.

Research shows that adhesiolysis can provide short-term and long-term pain relief for patients dealing with nerve pain caused by scar tissue. In one study, more than 70% of patients had moderate to zero pain six months after the adhesiolysis procedure. This procedure generally improves overall health when over methods are not successful.

Adhesiolysis can deliver significant pain reduction and treat a range of conditions like spinal stenosis, disc herniation, and spinal surgery syndrome. Contact the Spine Center of Southeast Georgia today to schedule a consultation to find out if you may benefit from this minimally invasive procedure offered in Kingsland and Brunswick, GA.